Every project begins in the concept phase. At this point the ideas and themes are not yet completely refined. We usually have an initial meeting with a client at this stage. We listen attentively; get a sense of what is needed and explain the best way to achieve the desired result. An estimate/proposal is submitted shortly thereafter and once agreed to is followed up with a production contract. The production contract functions as a road map for getting to the finished product and keeping everyone on the same page. It sets benchmarks, outlines the work to be done and lists the final files to be delivered.

Production begins with the creation of assets. Assets can be 3D characters, cell phones, televisions, corporate logos, text effects, environments or props. Once the assets are approved the animation phase can begin. General movements of characters, props and cameras are established and approved first. Next the secondary animation is added as the primary animation is refined. Once the final animation is approved the final file is rendered and prepared for delivery to the web or broadcast television stations.

Thinking about using visual effects and/or 3D animation in a project? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly take the time to explain how it can work for you!