Blue Crush

Feature Film 2002

In the movie Blue Crush Keala plays the role of herself Pro Surfer Keala Kennelly. All the other characters aspire to be her and she encourages the main character Kate Bosworth to push her surfing to the limit in the films climax.


Step into Liquid

Documentary 2003

Keala plays herself in this documentary about surfing that takes you to all corners of the globe.



Beyond The Break

TV Series 2007 (recurring character)

In beyond the break Keala played Rachelle Martin a Pro Surfer who the other characters look up to. She faces a tough decision when she discovers she is pregnant right before a big contest.


John From Cincinnati

TV Series 2007 Season Regular

On this HBO TV drama series Keala plays Kai, a troubled tomboy that is the love interest of the main character Butchie Yost played by Brian Van Holt.