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Hawaii Self Storage – Hale Papa’a

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Hawaii Self Storage


Hawaii Self Storage reached back into the history of old Hawaii for inspiration for this television spot. Hawaiian cultural and historical authorities were consulted to make the details as authentic as possible from the mahiole ali'i to the kalo lo'i. Graceful camera moves carry the viewer across a stunning virtual landscape settling on the Hale Papa'a, the ancient analogue to the self storage facilities of today.

Production Notes

The most ambitious Hawaii Self Storage spot to date! The base Mr. Safety character was rebuilt with a muscular physique and re-textured with traditional Hawaiian tattoos. The environment was especially challenging and fun; making use of hundreds of thousands of 3D plants and objects to create a dramatic landscape. Dozens of props built for the spot included spears, conch shells, feather capes, gourds, tapa cloth as well as a whole village complex.