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HECO – Big Appliances

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Hawaiian Electric Company


Core Group One, Kinetic Productions Inc., Hawaii Production Associates, Montaj9


Hawaii Electric Company is big on energy savings and hired Core Group One and Kinetic Productions to concept, produce and direct a spot highlighting energy consumption by everyday appliances. Hyperbolic appliances demonstrate how changes in energy consumption habits can make a big impact.

Production Notes

Our task was to take the green screen shots from Kinetic and insert a giant light bulb, a giant water heater and a giant refrigerator. We also did a full sky replace and placed birds to the top of the refrigerator to add additional interaction. Careful rotoscoping helped integrate the visual effects with the original footage seamlessly. Directed by James Sereno of Kinetic Productions Inc. Dean Sensui of Hawaii Productions Associates did compositing. Jay K. Evans did the offline edit proceeding television broadcast.