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Swedish American Health System – Mission

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Swedish American Health System


Rudosky Agency, Shooters Film Production, Montaj9


Swedish American Health System wanted to showcase their regional cancer center. Two proceedures required illustration. A treatment for lung cancer and a treatment for breast cancer. The lung cancer treatment is displayed on a video wall, showing transparent layers tissues and the path of directed energy beams targeting a malignant growth. The breast cancer treatment shows an injectable, inflatable bladder used to irradiate tissues surrounding an excised tumor to ensure complete destruction of cancerous tissue.

Production Notes

David Rosen Directs with Shawn Hiatt as director of photography Color and finishing by Mel Matsuoka. The visual effects required the construction of medically accurate models of skin, bone, lung and breast tissue that could then be rendered transparent and translucent. This project required research, testing and communication with doctors to ensure accuracy. Using 3D animation the procedures are explained clearly while holding the attention of the audience with a high-tech visuals.