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Taco Bell – Dollar Journal

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Taco Bell


Core Group One, Kinetic Productions Inc.


Taco Bell Dollar Journal Commercial was the first totally 3D commercial spot that we at Blue Water Multimedia ever handled. The concept was to show a collage of students’ journal reflections on how awesome Taco Bell was to them. With direction from James Sereno of Kinetic Productions, we set off on our first fully 3D commercial.

Production Notes

Creating a 3D book with working pages was a challenge, but even more so was having elements on the page come alive. New techniques were developed out of necessity in order to keep track of all the various elements, but in motion and static. Two spots were finished, on for the Hawaii market and another for the Guam market. The attention to detail paid off with the spot winning two 2008 Pele Awards; one for Special Effects/Animation and the other for Retail Advertising Television. Directed by James Sereno of Kinetic Productions Inc.