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Type II Supernova Visualization for NYU CCPP

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Type II Supernova Visualization for NYU CCPPplay button


Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics at NYU


NYU ITP, NYU CCPP, Stellar Forensics Research Group, Or Guar, Maryam Modjaz, Jennifer Tis Yue Zhang, Jessica Dutcher, and Chelsea Pfohl


This visualization portrays the inner workings of Type II supernovae. Also known as core collapse supernovae, these massive explosions occur when large stars run out of hydrogen, fuse heavier elements, and finally collapse under gravity to form neutron stars.

Production Notes

This video was originally presented as an interactive installation in the Stellar Forensics exhibit at The Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab at NYU. Visitors to the exhibit used a Leap Motion enabled projection table to play the video as part of their playful investigation of different types of supernova. The video was scaled and masked to display on a circular projection surface. The visualization will eventually be used for instruction.