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Waikiki Nei

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Waikiki Nei


MVNP, Kinetic Productions Inc., Montaj9


There is something magical about this spot. Made to advertise a performance group similar to Cirque Du Solei. A long, seamless camera pull out starts with the Waikiki night time skyline reflected in a woman’s eye. It ends with a wide shot of her floating on top of an impossible assembly of vintage suitcases off the glittering shoreline of Waikiki under a vivid moon.

Production Notes

The actor and suitcase stack were filmed with a green screen background replete with tracking markers. To make such a long camera pull out seamless required multiple moves, multiple lenses and a very high resolution recording format. The footage delivered was ideal. An impossible, hyper-real backdrop of the Waikiki skyline was stitched together from multiple segments of source footage from the same location. The multiple pull outs were composited into a single smooth movement from eyeball closeup to wide shot. The actor and suitcase stack were integrated with dozens of layers of visual effects to complete the enchanting illusion. Directed by James Sereno of Kinetic Productions Inc. Finishing and color by Mel Matsuoka and Jay K. Evans of Montaj9